all sessions are one on one via zoom

Whole System Transformation Sessions are 60 minutes in length.


As your guide, I recognize that you are whole and complete.  However as social changemakers confronting the injustices of our world, you carry a lot of conditioning and old traumas that block you from your full potential.  A lot of this conditioning is working below the surface of conscious awareness yet it is dictating your life and creating limited outcomes in your social endeavors.   

By creating a safe space of acceptance, compassion and non-judgment, I will help you to recognize the parts of you that are holding you back from your highest calling.  These parts are an aspect of the conditioning that we have all internalized by living in systems that are based on old paradigms of scarcity and limitation. We will work together to release and clear limiting and disempowering ways of being that have been programmed in our psycho-spiritual selves.  

I recognize the uniqueness of every individual and take a creative approach by pulling from a variety of modalities.  The Whole System Transformation process is informed by AEDP, parts work, shadow work, mind body practices, somatic modalities, and cutting edge scientific understandings of trauma and nervous system regulation.

We will start out by taking a look at all the different parts of your life and understanding where the areas of greatest disconnection are.  We will prioritize the areas of highest disconnection and explore the emotional, mental, somatic and energetic roots. Through this process we will transform these inner wounds into sources of strength and resilience.  Through the relationship we will build, I will help you to reach places within yourself that would be very difficult to reach alone.

Through the techniques I teach, you will learn to recognize your stress physiology and take steps to  release stress from your body. This is essential to help your body shift into healing mode and to build an embodied sense of resilience.  As your shift into this mode, you will start connecting to your higher self and learn how to live from this higher state of consciousness.

From this place, you will start to trust yourself more deeply, live with passion, freedom and vitality, and be able to take soul inspired actions that serve yourself and the world.  You will shift from a life of struggle to a life of flow. The benefits of living from this place are endless. Change, growth and transformation is not an easy process but having a guide who knows the roadmap can make the process a lot smoother and rewarding.  I hope to be part of your journey!

Rate: $225 per session

Sessions are 30 minutes.  

Reconnective Healing transcends the traditional “techniques” of energy healing.  The healing frequencies we connect to during a RH session can be described as a spectrum of light, energy and information.  These high vibrational energies allow for a deep cleaning of your energy system and clear away low vibrational energies that are not serving you.  When energy is stuck it can contribute to emotional problems, mental challenges and physical illness. Just as a river needs to be flowing to prevent water from becoming stagnant and diseased, energy needs to flow freely through the energy systems. Distance can increase the strength of these healing frequencies and therefore sessions are conducted online.

I offer these sessions to social changemakers in the Whole System Transformation process as well as a separate service to anyone looking for change, healing and transformation in his or her life!  

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Gift Healings

Reconnective Healings are the perfect gift to help someone come into greater balance in his or her life.  Offer your loved ones these powerful healing frequencies so they can reconnect to greater light and love.

Rate: $125 per session

Sessions are 45 minutes and 60 minutes.  

Through Spiritual Mentorship, you will have the opportunity to dive into questions around who you are and what your larger purpose and mission is.  You will start to look at your life through a spiritual lens and understand the deeper truth of your challenges and problems. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of your inner world, learn tools to manage overwhelm and regulate your nervous system so you can stay centered in the midst of chaos, and learn how to start healing your traumas so that you can connect with your higher self on a daily basis. 

Through Spiritual Mentorship, you will learn the essence of the Whole System Transformation process of how to live a higher self led life in order to lead a life of passion, freedom and service and consciously co-create the change that you are uniquely suited to bring about. 

Rate: $165 per 45 min session and $200 for 6o min session.