My Story and Mission


Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and my journey.  In 2014, I earned my Medical Degree at NYU School of Medicine and in 2018, I completed my Adult Psychiatry training at Montefiore Hospital.  Even though I trust that I was guided to NYU and Montefiore, I struggled to be a part of systems that I felt was constricting to my soul. During Medical School and Residency, I started to recognize the limitations of our current medical model and the lack of holistic perspectives in treating individuals.  I also felt troubled by my internal drive of wanting to address social injustices in the world because I was unsure of how to create a path within Medicine to do so.


In Medical School, I experienced a political awakening and started to develop a radical (root) analysis of our Medical Industrial Complex as well as our civilizational crisis.  I started to see how the crises that we are facing in our social, political, economic, ecological systems are all interconnected and I began to understand how all the systems we are immersed in are in a state of collapse.  Though this awakening was liberating in many ways, it was also terrifying and isolating to confront. Through this process, I began to take on the identity of a self-righteous and angry activist as I engaged in various liberation struggles in NYC.


As I tried to conform to the activist role during Medical School, I also had to make a decision as to what field I would pursue in Residency.  I ultimately decided on pursuing Psychiatry as I felt that this was the best intersection of social justice and medicine. Of course, this was my logical rationalization and justification for pursuing this field, I couldn’t see at that time that I was being led down a path.  I didn’t see that there was a larger picture unfolding for my personal journey.


As I continued my journey through Residency, I struggled to understand the social justice role I wanted to play in this collective breakdown.  I felt overwhelmed by the various issues that I felt pulled to and did not know how I fit into the puzzle of the various liberation movements I was involved in.  I felt confused and lost as I couldn’t see how the various threads I had been following of radical activism, medicine, feminism would intersect. As I entered my third year of Residency and began working in an outpatient setting, I was confronted with yet another challenge.


As a feminist, I felt pulled to work with women and girls with a history of sexual violence.  All I knew at that time was that I wanted to ease the suffering of individuals who had faced this type of trauma.  So I requested to work specifically with these individuals, not really understanding what I was taking on. I knew in my heart that I wanted to help them heal from their traumas, but I soon realized that I had no idea what I was doing.


As I started engaging in this therapy work, I realized that I didn’t actually know how to help these women heal.  On top of this, confronting this suffering in an intimate and personal setting forced me to confront my own wounds.  I started to recognize that I was burnt out and not caring for myself. I quickly realized that in order to truly care for my patients, I needed to do my own healing.


In order to help my patients, I started to learn about different approaches to treating trauma.  However, I felt that what was offered in traditional Psychiatry and Psychology was not sufficient to address the deep wounds that my patients were carrying.  This led me to investigate outside the bounds of traditional mainstream medicine and therapy. I started to follow the breadcrumbs the universe was laying out for me, though I didn’t realize at the time that I was being pulled toward a larger understanding and vision of healing.


As I branched out and investigated alternative modalities and holistic perspectives on healing, I came to understand what trauma is and how it affects an individual in the mind, body, and soul.  It led me to understand the role of somatic (body-oriented) healing, emotions, energy and ultimately spirit and spirituality in the process of healing. I also started to understand how we are all vulnerable to trauma by living in systems that disconnect and alienate us from one another.  I started to learn what healing actually means and how to facilitate this in myself and my patients.


Through my own healing and my personal spiritual journey, I opened up to greater joy, peace and fulfillment.  I started to tap into my intuition, my higher self and recognized that I had been guided all along. In addition to my personal process, I also started opening up to a larger perspective of what is happening in our world on a spiritual level.  I started to see that amidst this civilizational crisis and breakdown, we are undergoing a deeper transformation and collective awakening. Furthermore, I started to understand how our individual healing is deeply intertwined with our collective healing.  I realized that our capacity to bring about a just, sustainable, beautiful world is dependent on our ability to do both.


Through my healing journey which continues to this day, I started to see the connections between the various threads that I had been following all my life.  I recognized my calling as a healer and leader. In this role that I was being called into, I felt the desire to aid other social changemakers who wish to meld their social justice practice with spirituality.  I feel called to help conscious changemakers heal on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level in order to step into their highest callings.


I recognized that there are many individuals who are waking up to the atrocities of the world and are paralyzed by the enormity of it and do not know how to respond.  I feel called to help these individuals come into greater alignment with their true purpose and mission. I feel called to help these changemakers come into greater wholeness and balance so they can make the biggest impact, bring their special talents and gifts to the world and play the unique role they are meant to play.  I feel called to aid conscious changemakers step into their highest potentials and to help them see that even though we are in a tumultuous state, we are being called to awaken and transform the systems of power we are imprisoned in, externally and internally. I know I have a unique role in guiding conscious changemakers to align their inner transformation to practical, grounded action so we can start building a more beautiful world.  If you feel aligned to my message and mission, please reach out!