“What is needed in our world is a whole system transformation. What we are witnessing is not merely a collapse, its an awakening of consciousness and an opening to a larger evolutionary force that wants to work through us. But in order to co-create with these powerful energies, we must not only face what is happening in the world but also open up to the inner wounds that need transforming. The systems need to change and so do we.”

Dr. S

Are you deeply affected by the pain you see in the world and desire to heal the suffering you witness?

Do you want to effect large scale change in a way that is regenerative and sustainable?

Do you strive to create innovative and creative solutions to the problems we are facing?

Are you dedicated to being a powerful force for love in action in your social justice endeavors?

Do you recognize the status quo as untenable and are dedicated to building new systems?

Are you driven by a deep impulse for justice, equality and freedom?

Are you committed to the empowerment and upliftment of the most vulnerable populations?

You feel depleted or exhausted and are running on an empty tank most days.

It can feel like you are constantly pushing against problems that are too big that don’t want to budge.

You end up giving and giving until you have no more to give and it still does not feel like enough.

You are frustrated by the unending challenge of fighting systems that are poised to work against you.

You feel like the world’s weight is on your shoulder and you have to save everyone around you.

You are disconnected from the joys of life and tired of feeling isolated, alone and burnt out.

You find it hard to hold a vision of a brighter world when faced with the emergence of multiple global crises.

You feel like you have to solve everything, know it all and have all the answers for everyone.

You will unlock your genius and live a life of passion, personal freedom and service.

You will shift from a state of struggling against systems to a state of flow and opening to unimaginable opportunities.

You will tap into your higher self and be guided to take soul inspired actions for your highest good and the good of all.

You will co-create and manifest the outer change that only you are uniquely suited to bring about.  

You will amplify the impact you are having in the world and be in service in the way you are meant to be.

You will open up to untapped capacities within you and expand your innate gifts.  

You will step into your highest potential and embrace your role as a catalyzer, leader and pioneer.

You will understand that you are here for a reason and that you have a sacred purpose that only you can carry out.

You will tap into your soul mission and understand your role in the unfolding of a new world.  

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